To ask about someone's personality, we ask, “What is he like?”

What is she/he/it like?

She’s very intelligent. She listens to Professor Fuzzy every day.

What are you/they/we like?

They are very lazy. They rarely listen to Professor Fuzzy even though it only takes a minute a day!

What am I like?

I’m funny and serious at the same time.

To ask about someone's physical appearance:

Who does she/he/it look like?

He looks like Professor Fuzzy!
(You must be talking about Professor Fuzzy himself because no one 
but Professor Fuzzy looks like Professor Fuzzy!)

To ask about someone's hobbies:

Note: You can use “like” in the answer if someone is talking about their preferences.

What does she like doing?

She likes improving her English. (We all know the best way to do that!)

What does he like doing?
He likes computers.


She’s tall and has blonde hair. Oh, so that’s what she looks like/ likes.*

What is your new boss like/likes? **

A final word from Professor Fuzzy:

Your 60 seconds are finished and you now have proof…

You CAN learn English a minute a day!
I know I’ll see you soon… because I know what you like.

You like to Learn English a Minute a Day with Professor Fuzzy.

And no one is like the Professor!

* looks like
** like